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The Organization
Learn directly from one of the remaining great shihan from Japan, Jin Iizumi, along with co-instructors Nick and Chris Mechling.  Iizumi Shihan is active and still instructing students in SOFTJUDO at the Kokusai Budokan.  The dojo is located in North County of San Diego.  For more information on seminars or instruction contact:


Iizumi Shihan and Mechling Sensei c/o


12657 Poway Road Poway, CA 92064
Tel - (858) 748-5829 Fax - (858) 777-3426

Testimonials | Buy Soft Judo Now!

I have studied Judo for over 25 years; as well as many other Martial Art Styles. I have had many Judo teachers over the years. I was always looking for fine precise instruction. I was interested in the subtleties of Judo that add up to the successful execution of techniques. In Jin Iizumi, I found what I was looking for. I have never had a teacher that taught as fine a Japanese style of Judo as Iizumi. His teaching method is excellent. He has allowed me to successfully execute techniques that have eluded me for years. I like the economy of motion and the art of Iizumi’s style of instruction and execution. He really conducts himself in the true spirit of Judo. 

David White - 3rd Dan Judo Black Belt - 40 years in Martial Arts focusing on self defense. Certified in Judo Kata.

I just attended a great clinic with Sensei Iizumi. It was one of the best clinics I've ever attended. Sensei Iizumi is a treasure of Judo knowledge and he wants to share it with people who will pass it on to others. He had several students there and it was very obvious that they really cared about Iizumi sensei and his goal of passing his knowledge on. The folks who weren't there really missed out this time.

Iizumi Sensei is a really interesting fellow. He said that he is more interested in the art of Judo than the sport. He was very focused on application of the fundamental principles of Judo. Iizumi Sensei said you if to do sport Judo and flashy throws that is fine but learn the basics first. He also made a comment about being able to win championships and knowing only a handful of techniques but not being a well-rounded Judo player or being able to teach.

Gregory A. Works – Judo Black Belt - Research Analyst/Grant Writer

The recent "Grass Root" Judo clinic, sponsored and held at the Coastal Judo Club Dojo can only be described as a history lesson. Hosting Sensei Iizumi and Sensei Goltz, Goltz Judo Club was an honor for Sensei Kiyama and myself. Other special guests were Sensei Soler, Goltz Judo Club and Sensei Moe, Discover Judo. Over 35 participants participated in this back to basics clinic. Everyone who participated left with something special, that of the history of Judo and was seeing Sensei Iizumi teach "Soft Judo," with such skill and conviction. We anticipate the next visit .

Allen Johnson - Sensei - Coastal Judo Club.

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